CPM Scheduling Services

At Able Estimating, we offer Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling services tailored for the construction industry, ensuring consistent project timeliness and risk reduction. Our holistic approach streamlines intricate project management, enabling you to select the optimal course for on-time, budget-conscious project completion.

Critical path scheduling is a dynamic strategy harnessed to proficiently oversee construction projects. Assessing project scope, requisites, and risks in relation to time and resources, it facilitates prioritized scheduling of essential tasks. This involves identifying critical and high-risk activities, evaluating their durations, and analyzing their interdependencies.

The apt CPM schedule serves as more than a budgeting tool; it proactively anticipates challenges, contributing to milestone achievements across the project lifecycle. This comprehensive planning organizes tasks, tracks progress, gauges outcomes, and maintains seamless adaptability to changes with utmost efficiency.

CPM Scheduling Consultant

Our CPM scheduling expert engages project teams across construction phases, from concept to close-out. We streamline projects, considering requirements and budgets, and adhering to standards and terms for revenue growth and timely completion.

Able Estimating, a construction estimating and project management company, focuses on achievable milestones. Tailoring schedules to your needs adds value. Our specialists collaborate with managers, contractors, and architects to monitor schedules, ensuring alignment with on-site work and swift adjustments for delays.

Why Opt for CPM Project Scheduling?

In construction, project success hinges on two crucial elements: timely completion and staying within budget. As projects grow in complexity, effectively managing these factors becomes paramount. This necessitates a meticulously planned and comprehensive CPM schedule.
At times, owners engage us, and our specialists work in tandem with contracting teams to craft optimal schedules. Alternatively, our experts serve as impartial third parties, partnering with owners and contractors to strategize resource management, ensuring the project's best interests across its lifecycle.

Our project scheduling experts collaborate with project teams, including owners, project managers, general contractors, subcontractors, and architects, to:

  • Establish a foundational CPM schedule outlining the project’s roadmap.
  • Prearrange crew management and procurement.
  • Assess project risks and devise mitigating strategies.
  • Analyze and address delays, reestablishing project alignment.
  • Constantly monitor progress against milestones and apply necessary updates.
  • Identify and counteract potential issues, minimizing errors.
  • Resolve inter-team disputes to maintain uninterrupted project flow.

Why Select Us?

  • Our established history showcases successful consultancy, consistently delivering projects on time and within budget with meticulous update procedures.
  • Years of experience and collaboration with leading entities in North American construction guarantee superior, dependable services for achieving your project objectives.
  • Our construction scheduling specialists possess advanced proficiency in cutting-edge tools and software.
  • We offer the industry’s quickest turnaround for project control schedules.
  • We provide exceptionally affordable rates.


Our adept team excels in creating and overseeing schedules using the following construction consulting software:


  • Baseline CPM Scheduling
  • CPM Schedule Analysis
  • CPM Updating
  • Preliminary scheduling
  • Design phase scheduling
  • Construction phase scheduling
  • Overall project scheduling
  • Recovery scheduling
  • Linear scheduling
  • As-built scheduling
  • Project implementation cost scheduling
  • Construction management scheduling
  • Civil work scheduling
  • Material procurement scheduling
  • Window scheduling
  • Legal claims consulting

Our offerings encompass the following tasks:

  • Preliminary Project Schedule
  • Initial Project Schedule
  • Periodic Schedule Updates
  • Project Milestone Update Report
  • Critical Path Update Report
  • Narrative Reports
  • Activity Reports
  • Logic Reports
  • Total Float Report
  • Earnings Report
  • Time Impact Analysis
  • S-Curve Analysis
  • Delay Analysis
  • Risk Analysis
  • Network Diagram

Enhancements and remodels in the subsequent Sectors:

  • Public
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Civil
  • Historic Buildings
  • Healthcare
  • Infrastructure


Our extensive portfolio includes construction scheduling services for new construction.

Frequently Asked Questions

We efficiently craft and deliver project schedules within one week.

Our comprehensive project schedule comprises detailed reports, graphs, narratives, and an SDEF file.

Our rates are highly competitive within the market. Contact us via email at support@ablestimating.pro or call (917) 924-5143 for a swift quote.

We offer estimating and consulting services across North America, the Caribbean, and Australia. In the US, we serve various markets, including New York, Florida, Illinois, and many more.”